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Cassandra Double Mummified & Triple Gagged in Road Rage Revenge!***35 MINUTES LONG***

 Cassandra comes flying in the door Fuming Mad over the dogfight and Road Rage Incident she just took place in on the 405 Freeway.  She stomps up her staircase and immediately dials 911.......she tells the operator she was just involved with a maniac on the Freeway who continuously cut her off, flipped her off, tailgated her and almost made her crash into other vehicles........Cassandra DEMANDS they send a Patrol Officer to her house immediately so she can file a report.  No sooner does Cassandra hang up the phone than she hears the door bell ring......pleased the California Highway Patrol is responding to her request so quickly she bounces down the stairs, opens the door and quickly gets BUMRUSHED..........its the same Goon she was just fighting with on the Freeway!!  He quickly grabs Cassandra, clamps his hand tightly over her Big mouth, pulls her arms behind her back and asks her if she thinks she is the only one who can take a picture of a license plate w/ a cell phone?  Cassandra grunts angrily realizing the Goon was able to track her down to her residence by taking a picture of her plate just as she took a picture of his license plate for CHP.  The Goon forces Cassandra upstairs into her Living room where he is determined to take her off the streets and make the streets safer for all citizens!  Cassandra grunts and tries to fight but she is no match...........before she knows it the Goon is taping her body up above, below her BIG BOOBIES, arms and wrists to her sides and her legs together using 2" electrical tape......but he isn't done......not even close........the Goon puts Cassandra in a huge Puffy sleeping back and pulls it up and around her body and shoulders.......he then tapes the sleeping bag over her upper body but when Cassandra continues to be snarky he decides its time to shut her BIG MOUTH up once and for all........he produces a thick pair of well worn cotton panties he took out of Cassandra's dirty hamper and shows them to her........she is Furious but she is already taped up and there is nothing she can do it.........The Goon laughs as he pinches her nose forcing her BIG MOUTH open and packs the huge thick wad of panties into her fighting mouth.......he then takes stretchy Elastikon and wraps it tightly over Cassandra's pretty face pulling it tight effectively gagging her and making her even more frustrated and angry.  He then goes back to taping her up with the 2" electical tape, a lengthy process where you will see Cassandra make lots of angry and frustrated facial expressions, grunting, gagbitching, rolling her eyes, wriggling and wiggling and doing her best to complain to him or scream out she is bound and gagged while all the while the Goon laughs at her, reads her the riot act and pretends he is extending her punishment as directed by a Kangaroo Court of Law, all the while further frustrating Cassandra..........he finally reaches her ankles and now Cassandra is totally screwed, taped up with electrical tape ever few inches on her body, wrapped in a puffy sleeping bag that is then wrapped from shoulders to ankles tightly in electrical tape and massively gagged......he then takes the same 2" electrical tape and wraps it over the elastikon already wrapped over Cassandra's big mouth holding in the well worn  cotton panties........but he still isn't done, he finds a thick White Japanese Schoolgirl Sock Cassandra wore the day before and wraps that tightly over her pretty face further muffling her up and making her even more furious being quadruple gagged!!.....Cassandra is completely helpless still standing wiggling, wriggling and grunting in frustration  as the Goon takes photos of her angry, gagbitching face as she grunts and squirms and does all she can but she can barely move or make a sound....he finally leaves her to fend for herself by placing her down on the floor.........then the fight of fights begins as Cassandra has no intention of taking this lying down and she wiggles, wriggles, squirms, flips, and flops best she can extremely frustrated screaming out "I'm BOUND AND GAGGED", broken up by frustrated grunting, wiggling and yelling "Fuck You" to the Goon as she hears him in her home preparing to make his getaway..........lots of frustrated trying to talk thru her gag stating "I can't talk", I'm bound and gagged" as Cassandra squirms on both her back and tummy as helpless as a woman can get giving it her best with her pretty face, wide eyes and real life grunting and gagtalking.

Starring: Cassandra Cain
Product Type: Video Clip

Price Running time Format Size Date added Resolution Bit Rate
$12.99 37 Min  35 Sec  MP4   1.00 Gb   02-22-2018 1920x1080  5155 Kbps 

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