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Lilian Stone: K GAG Nosy Undercover Reporter

 Lilian is an intelligent, articulate Classy Young lady who is attending College in Roper City and is majoring in journalism.  She works part time as an apprentice for local TV Station K GAG and has taken on the case of the Missing Girls from the same College Campus in Roper City that she attends.  Lilian is close to graduating and really wants an Anchor Position at K GAG, if she can help crack the case of the missing girls she feels she will be awarded the top anchor position upon graduation.


  Lilian is very tech savvy and using her tech skills she feels she knows who the culprit is............he is living right here in Roper City but she needs proof.........she cases the suspects house out and when she see's him leave she sneaks around to the back of his house and testing a few sliding glass doors she finds one that is open.  As soon as she enters she see's the dining room table is being used as a desk.......Lilian see's a laptop on the desk that is still on..........she wakes the laptop up and immediately there are photos of one of the Missing girls.........pictures of her tightly bound up and massively gagged........Lilian's heart races as she realizes her hunch was right all along, she quickly pulls out a thumb drive she brought along and as she prepares to download the images she suddenly gets grabbed from behind, a hand tightly over her mouth with both arms pulled behind her.  Its the Goon who lives there, he saw her sitting in her car when he drove off, slowed down and noticed her getting out of her car.........so he doubled back and snuck back into his own house where he caught her.


 Lilian is quickly whisked into the living room where she is questioned as to who she is and why is she there.........Stubborn and bullheaded Lilian refuses to answer any questions.......the Goon informs her she will talk one way or another, sooner or later........he whips out a weapon and orders her to strip........Lilian refuses at first but the Goon makes his "Point" in her face..........Lilian slowly removes her top and skirt revealing her sexy Platino Pantyhose covered legs.......she tells the Goon she will never co-operative with him and he tells her he knows why she is there and so does she.........The Goon informs Lilian that she isn't the only one who can research, he ran her plate and knows who she is, he even recognizes her as he too watches K GAG to see if the Police are on to him and to get any clues.  Lilian remains defiant as he informs her she will now be finding herself Tightly bound up and massively gagged just like the girls she saw in the photos.........Lilian grunts in frustration and before she knows it she is heavily bound up with 100's of feet of rope to a chair..........the Goon is no where to be seen as she squirms and yells for him to show himself.


    Suddenly the Goon comes in the front door, he searched Lilians car and discovered her Gym Bag in the back seat........he taunts Lilian with the pair of super sweaty panties he found in her bag informing her she is about to be gagged with them.........Lilian swears at him, grunts and groans but she is tightly handgagged and forced to huff her own sweaty panties.......the Goon enjoys taunting her as he tells her that he is in fact the Man she has been looking for and that he plans on selling her off just as he did the other girls to his clients in the Middle East..........she will be privately flown out of the country on a private jet, still tightly bound and gagged to her new home.  Lilian is FURIOUS and she squirms and pulls hard but she is too heavily bound up.......he forces Lilian to smell her own sweaty panties enjoying frustrating her as her verbally taunts and humiliates her....then the Goon pinches her nose and quickly and methodically packs her sweaty panties into her Bitching mouth completely muffling her up and frustrating her.  Duct tape is wrapped tightly around and around her head then the Goon wraps Elastikon around her Pretty face before tying off a pair of torn, thick, white full back cotton panties completely muffling Lilian up and frustrating her to no end as she writhes, squirms and wriggles in the chair showing off her HUGE GG Boobies and shapely Platino Pantyhose covered legs.  The Goon laughs as he pops off her pumps and forces her to huff her own stinky, well worn sweaty shoes and goes on to aggressively grope her GG Boobies all the while taunting and verbally humiliating her.  Lilian does her best to bitch at him but it all comes out cutely muffled up and the Goon just laughs at her as he takes photos to show his clients, informing her he will get at least an extra $100,000 because of her HUGE BOOBIES and another $100,000 because of her shapely Platino Pantyhose covered legs and yet another $100,000 because she is a feisty, defiant reporter and his client loves his girls Dominant, Feisty, Beautiful and tightly bound and gagged. 


     Lilian is about as furious as she can get at this point as the Goon laughs at her and informs her he is leaving to make arrangements for the Private Jet to fly her to the Middle East..........but...........if........somehow........she can squirm out of her bondage before then she can have her vengeance on him........he leaves laughing as the tightly bound and gagged Lilian does her best to make her anger be known but her mouth is packed, triple wrapped and she grunts in frustration..........but the FIGHT is on and Lilian screams thru her gag, squirms, wriggles, shakes her boobies and does her best to knock the sweaty, stinky shoe off of her lap the Goon left by her knotted crotchrope, which further frustrates her, especially when he said it will keep her "company" on the long boring flight to the Middle East............Lilian is a Gorgeous intelligent young lady who loves being tightly bound and gagged and you will love it just as much as she does.

Starring: Lilian Stone
Product Type: Video Clip

Price Running time Format Size Date added Resolution Bit Rate
$13.99 22 Min  23 Sec  MP4   845.00 MB   08-19-2019 1920x1080  5155 Kbps 

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