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Taylor is a Housesitter who ends up Requesting to be left Bound & Gagged!***44 MINUTES LONG***

Taylor is sitting in the living room talking to her girlfriend.........she is Housesitting, something she does to make extra cash on the side from her Nursing job....she laughs about how she just saw on TV where a woman was home alone and ends up getting robbed and left tightly bound and gagged......for the night....and for some reason found it rather intriguing...she finishes talking to her girlfriend and lays down on the sofa to take a nap........she is suddenly awakened with a hand clamped tightly over her mouth by an intruder.........startled she listens carefully to the man......he knew the owners would be gone but didn't expect her to be there.......the owners are very wealthy, he has been casing this job for some time now and is there to crack their safe and make off with expensive jewlry and cash they stash in their home safe.........he has no choice but to keep Taylor bound and gagged while he does his work and assures her she won't be hurt, she just needs to co-operate..........Taylor nods her head and says she understands......

Taylor is taken to another part of the living room where she is heavily bound up while sitting on a chair........her mouth is fully packed as she understands she needs to be gagged and tape is wound tightly around her pretty face holding in the massive wad of packing almost overflowing from her mouth........the Goon then tells Taylor he needs to get to work on the safe and leaves her.  Taylor see's this as her chance to get some help and after a few minutes of squirming and testing her bonds tumbles down to the floor where she squirms aggressively towards her phone on the end table........Taylor tries to reach it w/ her feet and is able to get it off the table and onto the floor but suddenly the Burglar reappears and catches her........not too happy about Taylor trying to get free or call the police he drags her back over to the chair where he unties her wrists then reties them behind the chair.........he then add's a long 50' rope tying her upper body to the chair as well as a long 25' rope attaching her thighs to the chair holding her tight..........he adds another rope tying her feet to her wrists behind the chair practically immobilizing poor Taylor........but the Burglar isn't finished nor is he taking any chances with her........he grabs a bandana, folds it up and adds a thick OTM gag to Taylors already packed mouth that is tightly taped further muffling and frustrating her.........Taylor is now completely helpless, unable to move a muscle and very muffled up..........the Goon then leaves to finish his work and now the fight really begins............Taylor is 5' 10" tall, muscular and athletic and she fights her bondage hard w/ a lot of angry, frustrated grunting and gagtalking.....she fights and fights and fights her bondage but it holds her tight.........finally the Goon comes back satisfied with having cracked open the safe and has all the jewelry and cash he came for.........he tells Taylor he will call the Police in a few hours.........Taylor indicates she wants to speak so he takes off the thick OTM gag, unwinds the tape and removes the huge wad of packing...........he gives Taylor some water and she thanks him..........then Taylor goes on to tell him she secretly loves being bound and gagged.........she thanks him for not hurting her......but, before he leaves, she has a request..........she wants him to re-gag her with the massive wad of packing, wrap it in just as tightly with fresh, new tape as he did before and add the thick OTM gag again........her roommate was planning on coming over to visit her in the morning, she has a key, and she will release her.......in the meantime Taylor wants to stay, feel, and squirm while being tightly bound and gagged all night as she realizes she may never have this chance again..........dumbfounded and a bit bewildered the Burglar asks her if she is sure this is what she wants, he can  leave her un-gagged and call the Police in an hour once he is far away but Taylor insists on being massively re-gagged and left that way all night...........opening her mouth widely for the massive wad of packing........so the Burglar does what she wants and re-gags and leaves her.......Taylor then continues to squirm, grunt and fight her bondage loving the feeling of being  completely helpless, bound and gagged.........which, by the way, she really does love personally and you will see it in this long 44 minute scene with lots of on camera tying and 2 full gagging sequences.


Starring: Taylor Summers
Product Type: Video Clip

Price Running time Format Size Date added Resolution Bit Rate
$12.99 44 Min  MP4   1.00 Gb   01-10-2018 1920x1080  5156 Kbps 

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