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Cosplay Dungeon: The Adventures of Faye Part One: Falcondale (VID0550A)

Cosplay Dungeon: The Adventures of Faye. Part One: Falcondale

Stunning raven-haired gamer girl Faye Taylor has arrived for a tabletop gaming session with her Game Master Hywel Phillips.


Both are kinky so they have decided experiment with a new sort of fantasy roleplaying: combining elves and spells with BDSM and sex.

Hywel has created the Duchy of Falcondale and populated it with all manner of lecherous dominant and sadistic creatures for Faye to encounter.


Faye has created her adventuring alter-ego, an elven thief who needs to find a new base of operations and has settled on the remote but rich duchy.


They quickly go over Faye's character, noting in particular her magical headband, an item which will literally get Faye out of jail and which is magically locked onto her head so it cannot be stolen.


Hywel and Faye agree on the ground rule that anything can happen to Faye's character - and indeed all manner of cruel and painful things WILL happen to her!


But that she will always eventually manage to escape, get healed and even get raised from the dead should the worst happen.


With this assurance, Faye knows that she can really go for getting her character into maximum trouble, no need to worry about playing it safe.


When we were filming it of course we also agreed that we could stop if anything felt wrong during the game.


The idea was to use to roleplaying game not just as a very sexy bit of fun and banter, but also as a negotiation and consent-building tool to set the parameters of what they were going film the next day as they brought to life and filmed the events that they were narrating together through the course of the game.


Thus emboldened and assured, Hywel also felt much more able to let out his darker side narrating events, too.


And thus they plunged into the action.


Faye is wandering the streets of Falconstone city, scouting our for rich targets to rob.


She walks to the Black Butterfly, an up-market inn and tavern in the richest part of the city. Who should she behold there but the Duchess herself, accompanied by a small number of guards, apparently meeting with a Baron and Baroness who are staying at the inn.


This is a target that Faye cannot resist.


She pretends to trip and casts a spell to unfasten a brooch from the Duchess' bosom, neatly pocketing it as it falls to the ground.


She thinks she has got away with it! One of the Duchess' guards even helps her up from her fake trip.


She charms him and butters him up, allowing her to slip away with her loot.


But whilst the guards didn't notice her subterfuge, the two street thugs of the thieves' guild most assuredly did!


They corner the gorgeous but diminutive thief in and alleyway, overpower her and lock her in cold iron handcuffs!


Thus secured, they lead her through the streets towards the den of the thieves' guild.


She tries to escape by ensorcelling one and kicking the other in the nuts, but her blow goes wide and she is locked into leg irons for her pains- she can still shuffle along, but she won't be doing any more kicking!


Clapped in irons, she is dragged into the lair of the Silver Sceptre, the head of the thieves' guild.


They are not big on unlicenced thieves, especially not ones foolhardy enough to steal from as high profile a target as the Duchess- and right out on the streets in plain sight, at that!


Things look a bit bleak for our plucky heroine!


Fortunately, she turns her considerable charms on the Silver Sceptre.


These low-level thugs might be too timid to tackle the high profile jobs, but at least she's bold and brave.


She comes from a noble family, she moves in those circles. Perhaps with a bit of guild support she could tackle all manner of high-value targets?


Surely there is room for an ambitious dashing elf in the guild?


She convinces the Silver Sceptre to let her demonstrate her skills. Still in chains, Faye is taken down to the cellar bed-chamber of the Silver Sceptre.


She pleads to be released from her handcuffs and leg irons, but the Silver Sceptre is too wise to fall for that!


Instead Faye must demonstrate her skills with her mouth, on her knees... the Silver Sceptre removes doublet and hose to reveal a double surprise- first that the head of thieves' guild is also a woman like the elf thief, and second that the source of her nickname is to be seen between the guild master's legs- a magical silver double-ended phallus!


Faye is desperate not to have the thieves' guild condemn her... and also really quite impressed!


She vows to demonstrate her oral skills on the Silver Sceptre.


She kneels down, parts her luscious lips, and envelops the tip of the magical phallus with her wet and willing mouth!


She knows that she must give an exemplary blow-job to get the Silver Sceptre on board... and she soon realises that the cold silver phallus transmits sensation to the Silver Sceptre quite as though it was a living, throbbing cock!


The guild master is receiving doubled pleasure, the pleasure of the double-ended dildo in her pussy, and also the magical sensations of getting a blowjob on her magical sorcerous cock.


Faye pumps the Silve Sceptre with her hands, wrists still cuffed in cold iron, her slim ankles still fastened in leg irons.


Undaunted, she cannot resist the temptation to cast a spell of her own...


The backhand slap from the Silver Sceptre sends her reeling.


Her head ringing, she realises that her witchcraft and wiles will avail her nothing here- she has no choice but to get back on her knees and give the Silver Sceptre the blowjob of her life.


The faster the guild master comes, the quicker Faye can escape. The tension mounts and mounts as the pace quickens and the chained elf gets more and more into her suck action.


When the Silver Sceptre's magical phallus erupts in hot, sticky magical fluid, Faye decides she will swallow, and play with every last drop, licking and drooling and swallowing again until the cum runs down her chin and she scoops it up to swallow once more.


Their business concluded, Faye is inducted into the thieves' guild, and concludes a trade- the brooch she stole in exchange for a suit a magical armour which can shift into any sort of clothing she desires.


Of course, she cannot resist the parting shot of a slow striptease in front of the captivated Silver Sceptre, peeling of her old leathers slowly and lasciviously in order that she can claim her rewards.




Hywel's note: the idea for this film has been with me for literally decades.

I don't know if anyone is making stuff quite like this: if so, I've not seen it.

I love the combination of the table-top game with dirty talking and the realisation of the fantasy visually to follow.

I've been wanting to shoot it forever, and over the summer when I had my BDSM burnout it was the idea that came back to me. I'd shied away from it for several reasons over the years and not really gone for shooting it in full-blooded mode.

I decided to fix that.

I was going to throw everything I had at it- all the tricks and skills and lighting and production knowledge gathered over the last twenty years, plus nigh-on forty years of running tabletop roleplaying games.

I had no idea if it was even feasible to shoot what I wanted to shoot, or how best to go about it. The main thing I needed was a co-performer who "got it".

So I tweeted about it, and I was thrilled when one of the best models who works for RE messaged me to say she was not just interested but (reading between the lines) would more or less kill for the opportunity.

Enter Faye Taylor!

We each spent days before the shoot preparing.

I wrote the setting and prepared all the props for my side of things; Faye researched and sourced costumes and props, customising a bunch of stuff from eBay in true cosplay tradition.

On shoot day, we just had to figure it out as we went along. We had to put all our professional BDSM and glamour industry experience together with our inner gamer geek experience to get things going- we knew we had to have sexy and kinky stuff happen to Faye's elven thief, sooner rather than later.

Faye threw herself into it and before we really had time to worry if format was working, she was in chains, on her knees, giving a blowjob to a silver dildo with a ring light above her like a halo, a flickering colourspike programmed with fire patterns for some warm fill in front of her, and a teal back-light to represent the colour palette of this particular "villain".

As you'll see, later episodes will use the colour keying idea to convey setting and emotional tone, a trick I was hoping to help us sell the concept that our house could double for all the locations Faye found herself in.

Shallow depth of field was another conscious choice, along with "pool of light" to isolate Faye from the background as much as possible so we could ignore modern features as much as we could.

(There's a limit- the light switch on the wall in the striptease sequence is a bit annoying, but mostly I've very happy with how that part turned out).

What we thought worked really well was the interactive, collaborative script-writing-come-scene-consent-negotiation aspect of the tabletop roleplaying game.

(We had to cut that part off early in order to make sure we had time for the cinematic visuals- Faye said that she wished she had more time to play the game and find out more stuff.)

It also made me brave enough to actually shoot an extended blowjob scene and cum-shot, something I'd NEVER have been brave enough to ask during pre-shoot negotiation up until now.

Moving on to shooting the cinematic Faye-as-the-elf-thief footage, it was fantastic to have the script write itself for us in a very organic way during the game.

We kept notes, and then just had to go through scene by scene and figure out what we could show, how we could make this work with what we had to hand.

There's often a tendency either not to think of doing things because they are not obvious or because you are lacking the obvious prop or setting to get started. Whereas filming this way we knew what we had to do and just had to improvise with what we had to tell the story we'd just invented.

It may not SOUND very different from improvising on a normal shoot, but both Faye and I thought the framing structure was a really interesting innovation.

I wasn't sure whether it would work with someone who's less of a gamer geek girl, but interestingly the two other models Faye immediately suggested might be good at it after the shoot finished were the two who were jumping up and down most enthusiastically on twitter when we tweeted some of the frame grabs. So... promising!

What I don't know is if I've managed to get across what this film is like AT ALL.

And if I have, if you'll agree with what Faye and I thought as we were making it- that it was super-stimulating, interesting, as SEXY AS FUCK.

We think the juxtaposition really works- consent, negotiation, story-telling, dirty talking, metal bondage, cosplay, fantasy, Elf blowjobs, metal dildos, cum swallowing, epic slow-mo, cinematic drama, improvisation, domination and sexy striptease. If it sounds at all interesting please give this film a go - and know that we were just warming up, in part two Faye enters the gambling den, falls foul of the town watch and a vengeful wife, and gets into all manner of kinky adventures!

Please let us know what you think.

Starring: Faye Taylor, Hywel Phillips
Product Type: Video Clip

Price Running time Format Size Date added Resolution Bit Rate
$29.95 1 Hr  4 Min  10 Sec  MP4   2.00 Gb   11-15-2019 1920x1080  4637 Kbps 

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